Welcome to the Hair Loss Hair Replacement Advisory.

Hair Loss or Alopecia is a major issue that affects a great many of us, be it genetically or medically, we are left wondering our options. The fact that you are reading this means that you or someone close to you is experiencing a form of alopecia.


The Hair Loss-Hair Replacement Advisory was set up to offer the necessary information and support. Our purpose is not to tell people what to do but to inform and explain to them their options.

The Hair Loss-Hair Replacement Advisory is also a forum for people that have been overlooked by their hair loss or by their hair restoration technique. We have helped people deal with hair loss and hair replacement from all over the UK, Europe and the USA.

"Hair loss does matter because you matter, everybody is an individual thus having individual needs"

We offer advice/Information on the following in a strictly confidential manner;

Hair loss/alopecia for both Men and Women.
The different forms of alopecia.
Hair loss due to cancer treatment.
Tricology and Scalp treatments.
Hair loss counselling

Non-surgical hair replacement techniques.
Hair Systems.
Hairpieces and Wigs.
Medical hair restoration techniques.
Surgical hair restoration.
Pharmaceutical; Such as Propecia and Regaine/Rogaine.

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